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Putting for Beginners: 10 Putting Tips for Lower Scores

Improving your putting can have a significant impact on your overall golf game. Remember the saying "Drive for Show, Putt for Dough". A good putting game can save more strokes on the scorecard than a good drive. Here are the top 10 putting tips to help you become more confident and effective on the greens:

Lower Golf Putting score
Lower you Golf Putting score
  1. Grip and Posture: Ensure a light and relaxed grip on the putter, and maintain a comfortable posture with your eyes directly over the ball.

  2. Alignment: Align the putter face and your body parallel to the target line. Use alignment aids, such as markings on the ball or a line on the putter, to help you aim accurately.

  3. Consistent Routine: Develop a consistent pre-putt routine to build confidence and focus. This routine can include visualizing the line, taking practice strokes, and setting up to the ball consistently.

  4. Distance Control: Work on distance control by varying the length of your backswing and follow-through. This helps you gauge the speed of the putt better.

  5. Read the Green: Pay attention to the slope and break of the green. Look for subtle slopes and consider the overall contour of the green before making your putt.

  6. Smooth Stroke: Focus on making a smooth and controlled stroke. Avoid jerky or overly aggressive movements, as they can lead to inconsistency.

  7. Eye on the Ball: Keep your eyes fixed on the ball throughout the stroke to maintain better control and contact.

  8. Stay Still After Impact: Hold your finish position for a moment after hitting the ball. This promotes a steadier stroke and helps with balance.

  9. Practice with a Purpose: Practice putting regularly, but make sure to practice with a purpose. Work on specific aspects of your putting, such as distance control or breaking putts.

  10. Stay Positive and Patient: Putting requires a positive mindset and patience. Don't get discouraged by missed putts and stay confident in your ability to sink the next one.

Remember that putting is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Stay focused, trust your instincts, and practice regularly to become a more proficient putter. Also, consider seeking feedback from a golf professional who can analyze your putting technique and provide personalized tips for improvement.

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