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Cats Can Do Tricks Too! 10 Easy Tricks to Teach your Furry Friend

Updated: Mar 11

Unleash the hidden talents of your furry friend! Domestic cats are intelligent animals capable of learning a variety of tricks and behaviors. Each cat's willingness and ability to learn can vary but some of these tricks are easy to “Purr-fect”. Keep training sessions short and positive to maintain your cat's interest and enthusiasm. Here are some tricks and behaviors that many domestic cats can learn:

Basic Tricks:

  1. Voice Commands: Cats can learn to respond to voice cues like "up," "down," “sit”, “stand”, “Spin”, “come” or "no. Always associate these with positive experiences like treats or playtime.

  2. High-Five or Shake Hands: Cats can be trained to extend their paw for a high-five or a handshake.

  3. Jumping Through Hoops: Some cats can be trained to jump through small hoops or obstacles.

  4. Fetching: While not as common as with dogs, some cats can learn to fetch small toys and bring them back to you.

  5. Play Dead: With patience and positive reinforcement, some cats can learn to roll over and play dead.

  6. Using the Toilet: Some cats can be toilet-trained using specialized training kits.

  7. Opening Doors: Cats can learn to push or pull doors open if they are properly motivated and trained.

  8. Target Training: Using a target (such as a stick with a small object attached), you can train your cat to touch the target with their nose or paw, which can be useful for more complex tricks.

  9. Crate Training: Training your cat to enter a crate or carrier can be useful for vet visits or travel.

  10. Agility Courses: Cats can be trained to navigate through simple agility courses, jumping over hurdles, running through tunnels, and more.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement involves rewarding your cat for performing the desired action, which increases the likelihood of them repeating that behavior. Here are some effective training strategies and reward techniques to use:

  1. Treats: Small, tasty treats are a common and effective reward for cats. Use soft treats or tiny pieces of cooked meat (like chicken or turkey) that your cat finds irresistible.

  2. Praise and Affection: Verbal praise, gentle petting, and a cheerful tone of voice can signal to your cat that they've done something right.

  3. Food Rewards: In addition to treats, you can use a portion of your cat's daily meal as a training reward. This helps maintain their regular feeding schedule while reinforcing positive behaviors.

  4. Clicker Training: A clicker is a small device that makes a distinctive clicking sound. Pair the clicker with treats so that the sound becomes associated with the reward. Click when your cat performs the desired behavior, and then immediately give a treat.

  5. Target Training: Use a target stick (a stick with an object on the end) to guide your cat into performing certain actions. Reward your cat when they touch the target with their nose or paw.

  6. Timing: Deliver the reward immediately after your cat performs the desired behavior. This helps your cat make the connection between the action and the reward.

  7. Gradual Rewards: Initially, reward even small attempts at the desired behavior to build your cat's confidence. As your cat becomes more consistent, reinforce only the best executions of the behavior.

  8. Ignore Unwanted Behavior: If your cat is displaying unwanted behavior, like begging for food, avoid giving any attention or rewards. This helps discourage those behaviors.

  9. Consistency: Consistency is key in training. Use the same reward and cue each time you want your cat to perform a behavior.

Remember that each cat is unique, and what works as a reward for one cat might not be as effective for another. Observe your cat's preferences and adjust your rewards accordingly. Be patient and keep training sessions short and positive. Over time, your cat will associate the desired behaviors with positive outcomes and become more receptive to training.

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